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Transforming a city begins at home -- whether it's a house or an apartment. The Austin Code Department aims to keep residents safe at home by identifying hazards and working with the owner to resolve them.
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The Austin Code Department investigates homes, apartments, duplexes, condominiums, and everything in between. The goal is to bring these properties to a safe standard to improve the quality of life for Austin residents. When a resident calls 3-1-1 to report a safety concern, a case is then created and a code inspector hits the road to investigate. The inspector then works with the property owner to educate and resolve these potential hazards. If the hazard is not resolved, the property owner will be required to appear before a body of their peers, a hearing officer, and/or a court of law.
Among the goals of the Austin Code Department is to ensure that property owners are able to resolve the safety concerns that the community contacted us about. Working together with the community, the Austin Code Department was able to achieve compliance with the following results:
an illustration of 9 out of 10 safety concerns resolved voluntarily

Results: Single-Family 

In 2018, the Austin Code Department achieved 88% compliance for single-family homes by working with the property owner through education and collaboration. 
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Results: Multi-Family

In 2018, the Austin Code Department achieved 94% compliance for multi-family homes by working with the property owner through education and collaboration.
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Code By the Numbers

Fiscal Year 2018 Results
  • Total Violations Found (multiple violations per property): 52,882 
  • Notices of Violations Sent: 52,056 
  • Registered Repeat Offender Properties: 102
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How We Delivered

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