2018 Permanent Supportive Housing Goal 

In October of 2014, Council continued their commitment to Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) and approved a resolution, setting a new goal of creating 400 more PSH units within 4 years, to include 200 Housing First PSH. These units come in two forms: 1) units built using City of Austin funding (and other funding sources); and 2) rental vouchers for tenants.

PSH Totals 

The City is at 104% of its goal 400 Unit goal with 417 PSH Units. 

Housing First Totals

The City of Austin is at 151% of its 200-unit Housing First PSH goal with 301 units.

City of Austin Developed Units 

This list includes projects receiving City of Austin Rental Housing Development Assistance (RHDA) funding for PSH units, based on the date of loan execution.   

Map of PSH Units

Tenant-Based Vouchers

Tenant-based vouchers are typically federally funded. They allow the voucher holder to live in any building that will accept the voucher, thus allowing these units to be "scattered" across the City.