Welcome to the 2023 City of Austin Combined Charities Campaign (COACCC)

Touching Hearts, Touching Lives


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  2. Login name: Enter your City of Austin email address.
  3. Login password: Employee ID number
  4. Create your new password after logging in.
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Questions? Call 512-469-5989 or email coaccc@earthshare-texas.org.


Citywide Coordinator

Lashaundra Shaw


Rosie Truelove

Citywide Public Information

Joan Ivy

Past Chair

Edward Campos

2023 Welcome Letter

Dear Colleagues,  
Servant Leadership.  Simply put, it is a leadership style based on the idea that leaders prioritize serving the greater good.  When we think of servant leaders, we think of our city colleagues.  Every day when you wake up and report to work, it is with the intent to serve the public, to do good. Two pandemics and two winter storms later, we are still here, responding to the call with empathy, grace, and compassion.  We consider ourselves fortunate to be part of such a team.
We are an organization of 14,000+, and through dedicated public service, we demonstrate our commitment to the vision of the best Austin.  Weird.  Creative.  Compassionate.  We are fortunate to have a strong and thriving community of organizations that work alongside us.  What better way to show meaningful support of that commitment than through a donation to the 2023 Combined Charities campaign?
Last year, COA employees raised over $365,000 to support the work of 200+ charities.  This year our goal is $400,000.  If each employee pledged a mere $2 per pay period, we would surpass that goal and give our community a gift of nearly $700,000!!
Your gift is fully tax-deductible AND helps lower your tax liability.  Talk about a win-win!
Our campaign kicks off on October 1.   There are cook-offs and bake sales and games galore, and for those “set it and forget it” types, donations via payroll deductions. 
Thank you for all you do and your continued support of the campaign!  We set the tone for giving back!
Best regards,  
Adrienne Sturrup & Rosie Truelove
2023 COACCC Co-Chairs


Thank you all for your 2023 COACCC participation! The Campaign ends Friday. November 3.

2023 COACCC Highlights

2021 COACCC Highlights

2019 COACCC Highlights

Overall winners

Thank you to all for every pledge, every special event, and all the effort participating in this year's COACCC! We have all made a huge different together!
The overall participation winners are:
  • Large Department (500 employees or more): Austin Public Health, 9.5%
    • Public Works is 2nd with 8.1%
    • Austin Energy is 3rd with 7.5%
  • Medium Department (200 to 499 employees): Austin Transportation, 17.4%
    • Watershed Protection is 2nd with 16.4%
    • Communication and Technology Management is 3rd with 9.2%
  • Small Department (100 to 199 employees): Law, 22.1%
    • Human Resources is 2nd with 16.9%
    • Financial Services is 3rd with 8.9%
  • Very Small Department (99 employees or fewer): Office of the City Auditor, 76.7%
    • City Clerk is 2nd with 60.9%
    • Telecommunications and Regulatory Affairs is 3rd with 58.8%
With nearly 77% participating employees, the Office of the City Auditor is the official winner of this year's campaign challenge -- meaning they'll get to hold onto the COACCC Dino Trophy until October 2020!
Check out the weekly newsletters for all the fun details throughout the campaign:

2019 Photo and Video Gallery

This year, dinos from the Law, Clerk's, Auditor's, and Austin Energy PIO offices -- danced off Nov. 5 to raise money for the campaign. In fewer than 30 minutes, we raised a whopping $1,559!
And the 2019 Dino Dancing Queen is...
Myrna Rios from the Clerk's Office!
Check out the highlight video below.

2019 COACCC Trophies

To further encourage the enthusiasm and creativity of our staff, the Dancing Dinos are coming back and bringing 4 T-Rex trophies with them. T-Rex trophies will be visiting the departments with the highest participation percentage every week. There will be 4 categories by size, hence 4 trophies. 

2018 COACCC Highlights

Overall winners

The executives of the four winning departments don an inflatable unicorn suit, and dance to a song selected by their employees.
And our 2018 winners are...
  • Large Department (500 employees or more): Public Works, 9.74%
  • Medium Department (200 to 499 employees): CTM, 17.53%
  • Small Department (100 to 199 employees): Law, 28.43%
  • Very Small Department (99 employees or fewer): Clerk, 92%
The COACCC Champions will reach out to the corresponding coordinators to pick the song and schedule the dances!
With 92 percent participating employees, the Clerk's Office (ONCE AGAIN!) is the official winner of this year's campaign challenge -- meaning they'll get to hold onto the COACCC Cup until October 2019!

Weekly Winners: The skinny

Back by popular demand: Departments again this year competed for weekly prizes. The weekly winner was based on the percentage of employees who pledged to the campaign. 
The COACCC Champions recorded a special, one-of-a-kind music video for the first four weekly winners in 2018. Also, the winning department got to hold onto the traveling trophy for one week.
Check out the photo and video gallery below for weekly winner celebrations.
COACCC trophy

Dino Dance Off

This year, dinos from the law, clerk's, and auditor's offices -- as well as a surprise contender from Communications and Public Information -- squared(danced) off Nov. 2 to raise money for the campaign. In fewer than 30 minutes, we raised a whopping $1,263.
And the 2018 Dino Dancing Queen is...
Stephanie Hall from the Clerk's Office!
Check out the highlight video below.

Photo + Video Gallery

Director Stephen Elkins dances for CTM

2018 Week 1 Winners: Planning And Zoning (18%)

2018 Week 2 Winners: Real Estate (37%)

Library Director Unicorn Weeks
Library Director Unicorn Weeks
PAZ Pumpkin Run
PAZ Pumpkin Run
PAZ Pumpkin Run
Dino Dance Off 2018 Photo
Dino Dance Off 2018 Photo
Dino Dance Off 2018 Photo

2018 Week 3 Winners: Auditor's Office (60%)

2018 Weeks 4 & 5 Winners: Auditor's Office (88%)

AE GM Sargent as a unicorn
AE GM Sargent as a unicorn
AE GM Sargent as a unicorn
Legal Silent Auction
Legal Silent Auction


CPO's Mike Trimble, the Corridor Smurf who loves pie
2017 Week 1 Winner: NHCD + Music Video
Week 3: SMBR + Ice Cream Party
Week 2: City Clerk + Music Video

Campaign Reports