Percentage of residents who say they feel safe within their workplace


The measure is near target as Austin Police Department (APD) strives to ensure that residents and visitors feel safe and comfortable at any time while living, working, and traveling within the City. From APD’s perspective, what it means to be on target is that the majority of residents feel safe and are able to conduct their business and affairs without fear of victimization.


Factor's affecting APD's ability to impact the safety of a particular workplace is highly dependent on the overall nature of the business, personnel, and work environment. APD offers a wide array of community services and training related to emergency preparedness, including active shooter responses. APD has and will continue to offer this training in areas such as, industrial sites, military bases, schools, theaters, and entertainment district.
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Additional Measure Insights

Every year, the City of Austin administers a community survey to assess citywide satisfaction with the delivery of major city services and to determine community priorities as part of the City's ongoing planning process. 

The dashboard below is live and dynamic. Use the filters below to review this measure and other survey questions by demographics and geography.

Measure Details and Definition

1) Definition:  This measure is how many people who were surveyed feel safe within their workplace in the City of Austin.
2) Calculation method: This measure was calculated by the following formula: The number of respondents who answered 4 or 5 divided by the total number of responses.
3) Data Collection Process: This is a question administered on the annual community survey managed by a third party vendor, ETC Institute, on behalf of the City of Austin
4) Measure Target Calculation: The 2020 target is based on maintaining the previous year's performance - in this case, it was 2018.
5) Frequency Measure is Reported: Annually (Calendar Year)

Date page was last updated: July 2020