46th-47th Streets and Bennett-Middle Fiskville Neighborhood Bikeways

Project Background 

Austin Transportation is evaluating streets in the Triangle State, Hyde Park, Hancock and North Loop neighborhoods as a potential neighborhood bikeway route. 
Map of project limits showing W 46th St., Speedway, Ave. F, E 47th St., Red River St., Caswell Ave., Clarkson Ave., Middle Fiskville Rd., Bennett Ave., and E 43rd St. highlighted

October 2020 Update

In response to community feedback, the project team has updated the design proposal. You can walk through the updated proposal by visiting our virtual open house. Key changes in the updated proposal include:
  • A proposed protected walking lane on the north side of W 46th Street between Avenue A and Speedway, requiring parking restrictions on the north side of the street. 
  • Proposed sidewalks on the west side of Speedway between 45th and 46th streets. 
  • A proposed median crossing island on Duval Street at E 47th Street, making the crossing safer for pedestrians and cyclists by removing left-turn conflicts with motor vehicles.
  • A proposed all-way stop at E 47th Street and Avenue G.
Visit the virtual open house.
If you have input on the updated project design, please share your feedback here by Sunday, December 13, 2020.

August 2020 Update

The project team has received and reviewed over 100 individual survey responses. Over 70% of survey respondents supported the proposed improvements. Survey respondents also expressed support for:
  • Lowering motor vehicle speeds along the bikeway route to 20-25 mph by installing speed reduction devices such as speed humps or speed cushions. 
  • Both proposed options (Caswell Avenue and Clarkson Avenue) for the routing of a north-south connection between Middle Fiskville Road and E 46th Street. 
  • Improved pedestrian facilities along the route.
  • Safety improvements for intersections and crossings.
View a summary of survey results or View all survey results

Fall 2019: Project Open House and Survey

The project team shared a preliminary design for the proposed neighborhood bikeway route at a community open house on November 12, 2019. A project survey was available at the open house and online through December 15, 2019.
Key features of the preliminary design included:
  • New pavement markings ("sharrows") to alert people driving to expect people bicycling.
  • New wayfinding signs to guide people riding bicycles to local and regional destinations.
  • New and modified speed reduction devices (e.g., speed humps or speed cushions) to achieve lower speeds (20-25 mph)
  • Improvements to major street crossings for people walking or riding bicycles.
  • New sidewalks on E 46th Street (Red River Street to Airport Boulevard) and Bennett Avenue (43rd Street to 46th Street).  

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