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The Corridor Program Office is partnering with artists, non-profits, urban designers, private developers, other City departments and public agencies to achieve Austin’s vision for Complete Communities across the corridors.

Art In Public Places

Art In Public Places (AIPP) installations are anticipated for each of the nine corridors. They will be implemented through design and construction projects within the roadway segments highlighted. Artists will work with city staff, project engineers and the community to inspire and locate the art works.
Public art projects will be related to the Corridor Construction Program through the City of Austin's AIPP Program and will aim to increase the quality of public places and the experience of Austinites and visitors walking, busing, biking, or driving through the corridors. AIPP seeks to attract artists to the City’s public art program, enrich the dialogue surrounding mobility and enrich the culture of Austin’s public spaces.
AIPP projects are funded through Capital Improvement Projects associated with the Corridor Program. Browse AIPP's Collection.
alt='Art In Public Places (AIPP) and Corridor Construction Program (CCP) map with all ten council districts showing where AIPP installations are anticipated for each of the nine CCP project corridors: N. Lamar Blvd., Burnet Rd., Airport Blvd., E. MLK Jr. Blvd., S. Lamar Blvd., E. Riverside Dr., Guadalupe St., William Cannon Dr., Slaughter Ln.'

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