Fair Administration of Justice

After a code inspector inspects the property, the paperwork has been filed and the violation has not been resolved, the last step is enforcement. The Austin Code Department strives to educate and partner with property owners to identify and address code violations. If the property owner is unable or unwilling to bring their property into compliance, additional enforcement actions are taken.
The Building and Standards Commission (BSC), Administrative Hearing, Municipal Court, appeals process and District Court consist of our quasi-judicial proceedings. This is the last step in the enforcement process.

Results: Quasi-Judicial Proceedings

In 2018, the Austin Code Department achieved compliance in 43% of confirmed cases escalated to quasi-judicial proceedings.
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Results: Escalated Cases

Cases Escalated to Quasi-Judicial/ Judicial Enforcement:
  • Administrative Hearing: 384
  • Building and Standards Commission: 86
  • Municipal Court: 94
a code inspector with a resident and a code employee speaking in front of city council

Results: Community Survey

In 2018, the City of Austin reported 52% of residents felt they were treated fairly during the quasi-judicial process.
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a building and standards commission meeting at city hall
We would like to thank the Building and Standards Commission committee.
The Austin Code Department
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