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2017-2021 Tree Planting

Explore what trees are being planted and where in the map below.  
Pro-Tip: Zoom in by using the roller on your mouse or 2 fingers if you're on a mobile device. 

Priority Area Tree Planting

In 2021, 64% of the trees distributed and planted were in high-priority areas. 

This metric compares the number of trees planted in the highest areas of priority compared to the total amount planted. Analysis of tree planting programs over the past year shows that 64% of trees were distributed in our high-priority areas. This exceeded expectations for the year and is expected to be a continuing trend as more partners focus their attention on the high-priority areas of our community in 2022. Priority areas are based on the Community Tree Priority map, a tool that uses nine environmental and social equity data layers to identify areas of Austin with the highest priority for new trees and stewardship.

Trees Planted by Property Type | 2021

The following graph shows the number of trees planted and distributed by non-general fund dollars in 2021.  
10,017 Trees (averaged to 1 gallon sized trees).
All trees reported here have been adjusted to equal a 5-gallon tree for comparison.

Trees Planted by Program | 2021

The following graph shows the number of trees planted by program.  
10,017 trees distributed and/or planted throughout Austin in 2021.
All trees reported here have been adjusted to equal a 5-gallon tree for comparison. 

Looking Forward:

Trees and Complete Communities

The Community Tree Preservation Division and the Corridor Project Office are partnering to get more trees in the ground along Austin streets. The goal of this initiative will be to plant 500 street trees above and beyond what is being funded by the 2016 Mobility Bond Corridor Program. Projects will be included in the Community Tree Report as they are completed.

Austin Independent School District Tree Planting Initiative 

$1.2 million has been approved for tree planting at Austin Independent School District (AISD) campuses to date. AISD is using the Community Tree Priority Map to determine which campuses are the highest priority for new trees.  


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Austin's trees     |     projects     |     trees     |     investment 
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