City of Austin
2020 Year in Review

Like most of us, I am looking forward to the end of 2020. It’s been a year. But looking back, I am continually inspired by the unwavering resilience of this community and our City of Austin employees. Austin has and continues to endure the effects of a worldwide pandemic that has challenged our economy, stressed our healthcare system, and fed off, if not deepened, historic disparities. While this year presented us with countless challenges, it also offered many opportunities to demonstrate our City at its best. Through all the turbulence, City of Austin employees continued serving our community when they needed us most. This year’s 2020 Year in Review highlights how we’ve collectively made progress on every one of our strategic priorities while battling a global pandemic.

COVID-19 2020 Year in Review
Adressing Homeless in 2020
Census 2020 Year in Review
Reimagining Public Safety

Strategic Direction 2023

Strategic Direction 2023 is inspired by the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan. As the City focuses on improving quality of life in the Austin community, Strategic Direction 2023 guides the coming years and outlines imperatives to advance equitable outcomes across Austin. 
See how each City department worked toward the SD23 outcomes in 2020:
Economic Opportunity and Affordability
Government That Works For All
Health and Environment, Culture and Lifelong Learning

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