The Life of A Code Case

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The Austin Code Department strives to educate and partner with property owners and representatives to identify and address code violations in our community. Code inspectors work to uphold building, city and property codes to ensure that our residents are safe and sound where they live, work, and play. 
a woman code inspector in uniform looking at a property from the inside of her code vehicle. she is holding a walkie-talkie
When the department receives a service request to investigate a safety concern, a case is created and a code inspector hits the road to inspect the potential violation. 
In FY19, the department investigated 36,783 code cases, which include complaints and proactive inspections. This was a 14% increase compared to the previous year. In total, the department conducted 72,962 inspections and confirmed 13,761 code violations during FY19. When a violation is confirmed, the code inspector works with the responsible parties to educate and resolve the violations.
 If the property owner resolves the code violation within the allotted time frame, this is called voluntary compliance. In FY19, the department experienced a 30% improvement in timely voluntary compliance over the previous year from 108 days to 76 days
If a code violation does not get resolved through education and collaboration with the responsible parties, then the final step taken by the Austin Code Department is enforcement. If the property owner is unable or unwilling to bring their property into compliance, additional enforcement actions are taken. 
a code inspector wearing a uniformed short sleeved blue shirt taking a photo of a property that has a potential code violation
closeup of a code inspector's patch sewn in their uniform's sleeve.
Quasi-judicial proceedings include the Building and Standards Commission, Administrative Hearings, Municipal Court and District Court. In FY19, the department escalated 599 cases to quasi-judicial proceedings.

These escalated enforcement actions help to ensure that Austin's structures do not pose a threat to life, health and public safety.  
With safety as our focus, the Austin Code Department invites our residents to remember that together, we make the community better. If you see a dangerous structure, damaged buildings, or substandard and hazardous conditions, please contact 3-1-1.  
The Austin Code Department
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