Licensing Services

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The Austin Code Department facilitates a variety of licensing programs for our residents including:
  • Lodging establishments such as: Hotels, Motels, Bed and Breakfasts and Short-Term Rentals.
  • Rooming and Boarding Houses: Buildings that provide lodging for seven or more unrelated individuals. 
  • Private Haulers: Haulers who are paid to collect, remove, or transport waste, recycling, and/or compost.
  • Boat Docks: Addressing and registering boat docks to improve visibility for public safety response on water. 
a wide shot of a lady code inspector talking to a home owner inside the home near the front door
In FY19, the Austin Code Department licensed 2,844 Short-Term Rental (STR) living spaces and conducted 6,456 STR inspections. Overall, the department issued a total of 5,270 licenses, which was a 20% increase compared to FY18.
Email or visit our website to learn about the Austin Code Department's licensing programs.
series of apartments with balconies
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The Austin Code Department
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