Community Outreach

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The Austin Code Department aims to provide the Austin community with constructive guidance on city codes and regulations. This is accomplished by building visibility and facilitating multi-faceted educational programs with a deliberate emphasis on prevention. Throughout FY19, the department attended 110 educational events and community programs. Such activities and programs ranged from listening to interest groups and members of the community, planning educational programs, and attending neighborhood gatherings.  
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a code employees sitting at a table, talking to 4 other people in the community about the code department's services and programs
an i-pad tablet attached to a gray keyboard sitting upright on a yellow table. Next to the i-Pad tablet is a stack of yellow plastic hard hats to promote the code department's safe and sound campaign. To the right of the i-pad tablet is a blue swag bag and flyers to help educate people about the code department
young highschool students are sitting in a large computer lab watching a presentation about the austin code department from 4 code employees
the code department's neighborhood liaison standing behind a table at an educational event listening to a nice lady from the community
The Austin Code Department
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