Safety Strategies

Austin Strategic Direction 2023
In 2018, we continued to align the community's investment in Austin Code with the Austin Strategic Direction 2023.
- Director Cora D. Wright

The City of Austin is focused on improving quality of life and civic participation in the Austin community. This strategic direction guides the next three to five years and outlines imperatives to advance equitable outcomes across Austin. Under the Safety initiative, Austin Code is here to make sure residents are "safe in our home, at work, and in our community."

Strategy #1

Develop and act on recommendations to ensure that all community members are treated fairly and equitably in the enforcement of laws.
a code inspector and a member of the community in front of city council

Strategy #2

Enhance and build relationships between community members, organizations, and public safety professionals to define, prioritize, and address community safety needs.
jose roig talking to members of the community at a city works panel

Strategy #3

Create a shared understanding with the community about what constitutes timely, equitable, and effective safety outcomes and align performance expectations and resource investments accordingly.
code employees at a meeting in city hall

Strategy #4

Strengthen individual, family, and neighborhood preparedness for emergencies to ensure effective responses and recovery.
code inspectors inspecting a property with alot of items on the front yard

Strategy #5

Enhance our partnerships with the community, other governmental organizations, and the private sector to prepare for respond to, and recover from hazards and threats such as flooding, wildfire, cyber breaches, and terror attacks.
a code inspector inspecting a property

Strategy #6

Advance our ability to engage and communicate with the community before, during, and after a disaster or emergency in ways that effectively connect people with accurate information, critical assistance, and support systems for response and recovery.
a code inspector communicating with a council woman

Strategy #7

Develop consistent ongoing training to develop knowledge and skills across all City departments for emergency preparedness, response, and recovery with a particular focus on our ability to deliver safety services to vulnerable and historically marginalized communities.
code academy summer 2018 graduating class with the executive team

Strategy #8

Collaboratively and comprehensively assess the vulnerabilities and interdependencies that exist for critical City infrastructure. Prioritize actions and investments to prevent and mitigate the identified risks.
2 inspectors inspecting a property about a potential code violation

Strategy #9

Increase information-sharing across partner organizations with an initial focus on increasing access to services and alternatives to adjudication.
a code inspector working with a person from the Austin Fire Department to help clean up a property

Strategy #10

Engage our workforce and Austin’s public and private organizations to increase workplace safety awareness and compliance.
an officer talking to a code inspector at a property

Strategy #11

Pursue evidence-based strategies to address root causes of lack of public safety.
a code enforcement safety training
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