The 2016 Mobility Bond is putting Austin In Motion

Austin voters approved $720 million in bonds in 2016 for transportation and mobility improvements throughout the city. During the next eight years, a dedicated project team of engineers, data analysts, and builders will be delivering these improvements for a more mobile and safe Austin. This team is guided by City Council’s Contract With Voters, which you can read here.
This website is your resource for information about opportunities to get involved, to track how your tax-payer dollars are being invested, and to stay up-to-date on the progress of this historic bond investment. Learn more about the projects

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Project Explorer

The Project Explorer is an interactive tool that provides access to information about projects and programs funded by the 2016 Mobility Bond Program. 
The 2016 Mobility Bond Program is just one source of funding for the City of Austin's Capital Improvement Program. In the future, you will be able to see information about projects funded by all sources, including the 2016 Mobility Bond.

About the 2016 Mobility Bond

The 2016 Mobility Bond is a new chapter in Austin's transportation and mobility story. Click the image below to take a visual journey through the 2016 Mobility Bond and how it's being invested to improve our community. 
2016 Mobility Bond Story

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