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The Strategic Areas portrayed in this data set are based on the FY 2015-16 Strategic Investment Areas Overlay Analysis, which is part of the City of Austin’s Long-Range Capital Improvement Program Strategic Plan (LRCSP)*. Due to the limitations of the platform, the data is not displayed how it is meant to be viewed. Please see the dark red “About” tab for a thumbnail of how the map is ideally viewed and two attachments. One attachment is a description of the metadata and the other attachment provides instructions for how to view the data properly.
The Strategic Areas show the degree to which City of Austin initiatives overlap each other geographically, representing opportunities for collaboration and coordination of capital investment related to implementing the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan.
The data set is comprised of initiatives that have been formally adopted by City Council or are from department-approved planning documents/reports. Examples include the Imagine Austin Growth Concept map, City Council-approved infrastructure master plans (i.e. the City of Austin Sidewalk Master Plan), City Council-approved Neighborhood Plans, and City Council and/or departmental accepted reports (i.e. the Hispanic-Latino Quality of Life Initiative final report). These initiatives contain recommendations for areas to invest in or focus on certain capital improvements, the geographical boundaries of which are represented in the data set. The areas with the greatest number of overlapping initiatives are indicated by the darker shades, representing areas where capital investment can have a multiplier effect in implementing several city initiatives.
The data is organized around Imagine Austin Priority Program topic areas: Compact and Connected, Nature and City, Creativity and Economy, Healthy and Affordable. The purpose of the LRCSP Strategic Investment Areas Overlay Analysis is to support the identification of: (a) Strategic investment in infrastructure that implements Imagine Austin, (b) Potential cost savings and other efficiencies and (c) Improved outcomes for our capital investments. NOTE: the areas are updated periodically to respond to changes in City plans and policies as reflected in City Council-approved initiatives.
*The Long-Range CIP Strategic Plan is produced annually, and the Planning Commission uses the plan to make its annual recommendation to the City Manager about projects necessary or desirable to implement the comprehensive plan, per its role in the City Charter. Learn more about the plan or download it at

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